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"WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH?" Singapore Archifest 2024 returns with critically acclaimed Venice Biennale, to focus on 'The Performance of Measurement'

Updated: Apr 5

"WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? The Performance of Measurement", spearheaded by Ar. Melvin Tan, Ar. Adrian Lai and Ar. Wong Ker How from Singapore Institute of Architects, is set to make its Singapore debut at Marina Bay Sands Photo Caption: Singapore Institute of Architects

SINGAPORE - The annual architecture event is set to return in May later this year with a brand new format that includes the homecoming of the 2023 Venice Biennale Singapore Pavilion. Archifest 2024 is revamped to provide architects with a dynamic platform to engage in discussions and forums led by renowned architects such as Dong Gong, Tan Kay Ngee and Chang Yung Ho. The revamp will see the convergence of SIA’s marquee awards (such as the Architectural Design Awards), trade-focused expo and the well-received public Architours. Singapore Archifest 2024 is poised to take the global architectural scene to new heights with its star-attraction, the

internationally-celebrated Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 Singapore Pavilion, which earned rave reviews. The architecture event will also be home to "WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? The Performance of Measurement", an exhibition that seeks to demonstrate how traditional architectural standards of quantity and measurement are insufficient for assessing the lived experience of our cities. The Exhibition: "WHEN IS ENOUGH, ENOUGH? The Performance of Measurement" The exhibition hopes to explore the notion of lovability and drives focus on how architects design functional and liveable spaces, how can buildings and spaces also factor in intangible traits like the attachment and connection people have with these spaces. The upcoming Singapore Archifest 2024 also aims to provide architects with a dynamic platform to engage in discussions and address industry challenges such as SIA’s Value Articulation Framework (VAF) and the ongoing work by SIA to tackle talent retention and fair and equitable fees. The 18th edition of Singapore Archifest 2024 will take place from 15 to 17 May at the Marina Bay Sands with the Architours and other fringe events set for 18 May and 19 May later this year.

Photo Caption: Singapore Institute of Architects

The theme for Archifest 2024 The theme of this year’s Singapore Archifest is 'The Performance of Measurement: When is Enough, Enough?', which serves as a play on the title of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 Singapore Pavilion. Said Ar. Adrian Lai, Singapore Archifest festival director and one of the curators of the Singapore Pavilion: “We are heartened that we can bring the Singapore Pavilion of Venice Biennale 2023 back to our shores. This year’s theme, The Performance of Measurement: When is Enough, Enough? epitomises the crossroads we are at as an industry, and the inherent tension of decisions we have to face on a day to day basis.

“It also highlights the opportunities to elicit inclusion, connection, freedom, attachment, attraction, and agency in our built environment. As we saw at the Venice Biennale, these are compelling issues we face. We hope that, through Singapore Archifest, we can create the space for these ideological yet essential conversations, and chart a path for the current and future generations of architects to navigate.”

Something Old, Something New, Something BOLD The Singapore debut of the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023 Singapore Pavilion will be the first time that a Singapore Pavilion will be part of the Archifest. And in keeping with the theme of new, SIA will be tweaking the concept of the

highly successful Architectural Specifier Market. It will now be called the Singapore AF Expo and transition into a trade exhibition format, bringing together architects with leading players of the built environment.

The SIA Architectural Design Awards, the epitome of recognition from the Singapore Institute of Architects, serves as a guiding light for excellence in architectural design. The SIA Architectural Design Awards Presentation and Annual

Dinner will also be introducing a new award category - Young Architect Award 2024. These awards will alternate yearly with the SIA Gold Medal Award, which was presented at the last Singapore Archifest. These awards recognise excellence across generations, paying homage to the whole spectrum of architects, from seasoned professionals to emergent talents that ultimately shape Singapore’s architectural landscape. Chair of SIA Young Architects League (YAL), Chio Wen Tian shared: “I am thrilled to see the launch of the Young Architect Award 2024. This award is not just a recognition of individual achievements, but a celebration of the innovative spirit

and potential that these young architects bring to the industry. It is a significant milestone for our industry, highlighting the importance of nurturing and supporting emerging talent.”

But it is not only the new events that will take centre-stage. The renowned Archifest Conference, SIA Practice Convention, SIA Young Architects Forum, and selected Professional Knowledge Series (PKS) will make welcome returns this year, bringing together speakers from China, Malaysia, Thailand and the UK presenting over three days.

The lineup for Archifest 2024 Singapore Archifest 2024 features a lineup of distinguished speakers offering diverse insights into the field of architecture. Dato Dr. Ken Yeang, as a pioneer of ecological architecture, will present a framework for designing and building thriving architecture businesses that are multi-faceted - able to address the talent retention, capability nurturing and sustainable practice thrusts that successful practices enable. Richard Kuppusamy will discuss the impact of technology on

architectural design, while Alex Toh will explore the legal implications of AI in architecture.

The event also includes sessions on designing for the common good, featuring speakers such as Beijing’s Dong Gong and Singapore’s most recent President’s Designer of the Year awardee Tan Kay Ngee, who will share their experiences in

creating architecture that enriches communities and adds to the soul of the city through their work. These sessions promise to inspire architects to think beyond bricks and mortar, emphasising the importance of designing to evoke the intangible qualities of lovability, community, beauty, awe and for common good. Singapore Archifest 2024 will also host the 4-Nations Architect Meeting with representatives from Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia, as well as observers from the United Kingdom and Australia. This will also be the first time that the 4-Nations partnership will be invited to participate in the “Overseas Residential Projects” category. The meeting will bring together architects from different nations, providing a platform for discussion on common challenges,

sharing best practices, and exploring opportunities for regional cooperation. This will also shed light on sustainable fee structures that will address the talent drain that the industry is facing worldwide.

With a total of eight key events, spanning over five exhilarating days, Singapore Archifest 2024 is set to become the largest gathering of the architecture community in the country, where education, design, practice, networking, business opportunities, and international collaboration take centre stage. For more information about Singapore Archifest 2024, visit


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