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Golden Village's Fans' Extravaganza: Barbie The Movie

Hello Barbies! We had the pleasure of attending Golden Village's Fans' Extravaganza, with a line up of activities (as well as goodies) that kept, dare we say, all of the attendees, engaged and mesmerised by an explosion of pink-fun!

The Fans' Extravaganza began promptly at 3.50 pm, we were given Door Gifts at the registration booth. In each bag contains a petite nourishing moisturiser from Rooki Beauty; Superfood Savior Crème Mini 15g, an essential oil from Scent Concept, a delicious pink cupcake from Creme Maison as well as vouchers from The Closet Lover, Creme Maison Bakery and Rooki Beauty.

Fans were also treated to a Lip Makeover by MAC Cosmetics, which fully immersed us in the whole Barbie experience.

Golden Village delighted fans with a surprising fashion show! A Best Dressed Contest to be specific. Eager fans rushed to the front of the halls to show off some of their best looks, serving up some of that Barbie "realness".

In addition to the Best Dressed Contest, Golden Village also partnered with The Closet Lover to present a Dress-Your-Mannequin Contest, adding more immersion to the whole Barbie experience. Lucky fans walked a way with awesome goodies!

After an exciting day jam-packed with Barbie-themed activities, the Extravaganza ended off with a screening of Barbie. Fans were kept entertained and engaged from the beginning of the Extravaganza to the very end.

Our team at WIAV would like to thank Golden Village for allowing us the opportunity to capture moments from this experience (shoutout to our phenomenal photographer; Thandy Tan).

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